America’s Got Talent Tuesday 6/23/2009


Simon Cowell and friends are looking for talented people in America who have the potential to capture an audience for a one hour show in Las Vegas as the grand prize. Some contestants are serious, some are not. Some may not be able to fill a 5 minute show and some could go on for hours. The judges critique the contestants with help from a live audience. At the end of the season, the winner gets $1,000,000 and a contract to appear on the strip in Vegas.

The 2006 winner, Bianca Ryan, was the “11-year-old red head with the voice of a 40-year-old black woman” has fallen off the radar. Terry Fator, the ventriloquist winner from 2007, has parlayed his opportunity into a $100,000,000 five year contract at the Mirage Hotel and Casino. 2008 winner, Neal E Boyd, is an opera singer whose debut album is scheduled to be released this week.

judgesOnce again this year, the contestants are being judged by Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and David Hasselhoff.  During the performances, the judges can show their displeasure with the act by pressing a big red button that emits a buzzer and lights up a red “X”.  Three X’s and the guest is done.  Each judge then gives the person a bit of advice and they go home or move on to the upcoming next round in Las Vegas.

The new host is Nick Cannon. He was the lead actor in the movie “Drumline”. He is an accomplished actor, comedian, rapper, and TV personality.

If you want to have a chance to win, you need to have honed your act to become a better song and dance guy, family singing troupe, dance group, accordion player, singer, keyboardist, animal caller, freak show, comedian, yodeler, acrobat, bagpiper, or impressionist. If you want to gross out your audience, take your freakish body and insertions and make it entertaining.

The acts that are moving on include the Footwork Kings fast stepping dancers, Peter Peterkin the Obama impersonator, the Black Fire Percussion group, Annointed X beatbox percussionist, Unexpected Step Team dancers, Tony Hoard and Rockin’ Rory the Frisbee dog, Brad Byers the fishhook anchor guy, EriAm singing sisters, Urban Nation Hip Hop Choir, Draconic fire and whip act, David Johnson the comedy singer, Bruce & Simone aeriel acrobats, NYC Gay Men’s Choir, Parodys of Dance acrobatic dancers, and Voices of Glory young singers/harmonizers.

My favorite act was Peter Peterkin. He nailed his impersonation of our President, and he took it to the next level when he made the President do an impression of James Brown. He was unique, funny, and very entertaining. I hope to see him in the top 10.

Watch them all at NBC online. I’ll be watching them from the comfort of my couch on the big screen at the Munro House in Jonesville.


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