Adam Lambert in Rolling Stone Magazine

adam lambert rolling stone coverRolling Stone Magazine has made it official–Adam Lambert is gay. A big cover story about the American Idol runner up announced his sexual liberation. Does anybody really care? I thought we were over that as a nation.

Does it really matter if someone is gay? Should anyone’s sexual orientation be an issue? Is he a better or worse singer/performer/person because of his sexual orientation? I don’t think so. I base my opinion of Adam Lambert on his stage performance and the way he handles himself in public. I know he’s a great singer and I know he’s a polished performer. He appears to be a nice guy, he appears to be humble, and he is at the top of his game.

Adam is one of the few great things happening in America, right now. He is fresh, young, good looking, extremely talented, and has unlimited potential. He is on the short list of performers that I would pay just to listen to him sing–no stage show, no pyrotechnics, no animation.

Adam Lambert yellow glassesAll through the American Idol competition, Adam chose great songs. Some were familiar, all were brand new when he put his spin on them. I can only imagine the ride he will take his audience on when he finally does a solo show. He will make old songs new and classic songs better. No one has done what he’s doing–reinventing untouchable classics and making sleeper hits popular. If he can do that to classics, I can’t wait to see what he creates that is brand new.

A talented young man is rising in the entertainment industry. I don’t care that he’s gay. Do you?

Adam Lambert young hollywood

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