My Favorite 14-Year-Old Next Door Neighbor

green2Hannah has been living next to the Munro House all her life. When we moved here in 1999 she was just 4 years old and has been a source of amusement ever since. She started by choosing my couch as the only place she would take her daily nap and would actually come over to sleep every day. When she outgrew naps, Hannah would come over just to get candy from the bowl by the front door.  After a couple of times of  ‘grab and go’, we told her that if she was going to come over, she would have to spend some time with us and tell us about her day before she could have any candy.

The best thing about Hannah was that she never talked about Barbie, or cartoons, or any of the other things that little kids are interested in. Hannah came over to discuss life. We would talk about what was going on in her life, our town, the country, and the world. The opinions of a child are sometimes verbatim what comes out of their parents’ mouths, but it proved that Hannah was listening and she understood the issues of the day and took a stand on her side of the debate and defended them.

We didHannah Indian 02034n’t just talk about current events. There’s a lot going on in the mind of a youg person. We have talked about school, doing the right thing, relationships, manners, rules, how things work, and more. All the while, we have given her little jobs to do while we had our discussions. It started with folding napkins and setting the table, it graduated to being our little hostess for community events, and now includes kitchen help, wait staff, and groundskeeper.

Today, we were goofing on the piano. She plays violin, I am learning ukulele. Between the two of us, we were going to figure out how to play “Edelweiss” on the piano. She knew which notes were played by each key and was explaining it to me. She told me that when reading music, the notes are either on lines or spaces. FACE rhymes with space, so F, A ,C, and E are the notes in the spaces. Then she explained about the lines. E-G-B-D-F is easy to remember by making a sentence where each word begins with those letters. The sentence she told me was not the one I remember from grade school. She said “Even George Bush Drives Fast”. I was caught so off-guard that she had me in convulsions laughing so hard.

2007-02-28- 006Life is good in Jonesville, especially when you have a good friend who is a great source of entertainment. I call her “Hannah-Hannah-Coco-Banana”.

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  1. Hi Veeeee,
    Really liked the Wisconsin trivia, the SWAT guy, and , of course, Hannah. Dude, you can seriously write.

    Heading up to WI next week (mid July) for the annual Lake Mills get together. Also going to the 35th class reunion, since it happens to be on the same weekend that I arrive. Should be fun. We are joined with Beloit Memorial for reunions now. Is the Turner crew part of that too? Should be. Hmm. Don’t know when you will get this, so I will email you.

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