Adam Lambert on American Idol -9- The Final Performances

Adam Lambert Kris AllenThis is the last night of the season that decides who will be the newest American Idol. Kris Allen won the coin toss and elected to go second. It is almost always a good choice to go second in this competition. The second performer knows what it will take to beat the first performance. The final performance is almost always the most remembered.

Ryan Seacrest announced that each contestant would perform 3 songs–their favorite previously performed song from this season, a song chosen by Simon Fuller–the creator of American Idol, and the AI single co-written by American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi. The AI single is almost always sappy and geared toward a female voice.  With 2 guys left in the competition, it will be amusing to hear the Idol song for the first time.

Adam started with his favorite song–“Mad World”. He walked through the stage fog wearing a long trench coat, dressed completely in black, and was outstanding–the judges agreed, except Simon Cowell who thought it was too theatrical. There was no doubt that the vocals were right on. The performance was even more haunting than the first time he did it.

Kris chose “Ain’t no Sunshine” and accompanied himself on piano. He was outstanding and the judges agreed. He chose the right song and performed it flawlessly. I thought the competition was even after the first song, Simon gave round one to Kris.

Simon Fuller chose Sam Cooke’s “Change Is Gonna Come” for Adam. He came out in a silver suit and gave an emotional performance.  It was definitely a challenging song for Adam’s style, and he knocked it out! The female judges said it was his best performance and interpretation of the season.

Kris got Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” and accompanied himself on guitar. The judges were not unanimous about his interpretation and performance. It was just good.

Adam did the best he could with the Idol song, “No Boundaries”. It is an awful song that we had to suffer through. I disregarded the performance completely.

Kris sang the same Idol song, “No Boundaries”. He did a better job, but it’s still horrible.

The judges had to compliment the song due to peer pressure. They disregarded the performances of the final song and hoped that the fans would base their votes on the quality of the entire season’s work. Adam Lambert has been a star since the beginning. Kris Allen has steadily improved to star quality. It could be a close one.

I’ve been sitting on the couch at the Munro House with an ice cold beverage in my red Coca-Cola judges glass, watching Glee, and trying to vote.  Ninety minutes of mostly busy signals. Only one vote logged so far.

Adam Lambert Finals

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