Ark in Ann Arbor Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers

roger clyne and the peacemakersI have been a fan of “the Refreshments” since the mid nineties. They are a group of guys from Arizona with influences from rock, country, and Mexico. After a couple of very good albums, they were forced to change the name of their band because someone else claimed to have held the name “Refreshments” longer. So, they became “Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers”. Their lead guitar player Steve Larson has recently left the band for other projects and has been replaced by Jim Dalton. Jim learned the music quick–the band didn’t miss a beat.

The Peacemmakers have made more albums and have been coming to Michigan for the past several years. Recently, the Magic Bag in Ferndale had been the chosen venue. It is a movie theater type auditorium with tiered sections facing the front of the stage. There is seating at the top tier and along the sides with all other areas open to stand or dance. Capacity of about 350.

Last night we went to the Ark in Ann Arbor to see Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers. It is more of a semi circle venue with many seats at angles to the stage. There is seating for every ticket holder. Some are cusioned theater seats, some are chairs along a bar rail, and some are chairs at small tables. Some seats are reserved and some are general admission. The reserved seats face the front of the stage. We took general admission seats and chose to sit in the back row stage right–row number 11! All the seating is very close to the performers.  Capacity of about 400. Acoustically, this was the best venue I have ever experienced. Patrons are required to buy a membership in order to purchase alcohol, so the line of newbies was pretty long but fairly quick.

Roger claimed that they had to hustle through the set because the Ark has an 11:00 curfew. They broke the curfew and played 4 songs after 11. As always, the Peacemakers rocked the house!  Below is the set list from 5/16/2009:

  1. Wanted
  2. Americano
  3. Hello New Day
  4. Banditos
  5. I Speak Your Language
  6. Contraband
  7. Mercy
  8. Mexico
  9. Tell Yer Mama
  10. Maybe We Should Fall in Love
  11. Dolly
  12. World Ain’t Gone Crazy
  13. Down Together
  14. West Texas Moon
  15. Loco to Stay Sane
  16. Girly
  17. Yahoos & Triangles
  18. Honky Tonk Union
  19. I Know You Know
  20. Jack vs. Jose
  21. Mekong
  22. Blue Collar Suicide
  23. Green & Dumb
  24. Counterclockwise
  25. Nada
  26. I Do
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  1. I love these guys – can’t wait to see them play the UK.

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