Adam Lambert on American Idol Part 7 – Rock with Slash Week

adam-lambert-whole-lotta-loveAdam Lambert opened Tuesday’s American Idol Rock theme week with Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”. WOW!  He took an untouchable rock classic and slayed it! I felt shivers when he hit the high notes with confidence and ease. All of the judge’s gave him high praises and Simon predicted that no one could slash-2top that performance. Slash from Guns ‘n Roses was the guest mentor. He, too, was impressed.

Allison Iraheta did Janis Joplin’s “Cry Baby” and did a fine sound-alike rendition.

This week’s twist was that in addition to the final 4 doing a solo rock song, they also had to pair up with one of the other idol’s to do a duet. Kris Allen and Danny Gokey combined on the Styx classic “Renegade”. Their opening and closing harmonies were tight. The rest of the song was not worthy of a second listen.

Kris Allen’s solo was the Beatles’ “Come Together”. He picked the wrong song. There really wasn’t much he could do with it.

Danny Gokey sang Aerosmith’s “Dream On” and hurt my ears with his final screeching note.

The final performance of the night was a duet between Adam & Allison.  They took Foghat’s “Slow Ride” and rocked it out. Their voices complemented each other and they dueled some awesome verses. Simon Cowell said it all when he remarked that this song may have kept Allison in the competition.

From my couch at the Munro House with an ice cold beverage in my red Coca Cola judge’s cup, I am sure that Adam has no worries. That leaves the remaining contestants in the bottom three. americanidolAllison may have been saved because of her superior duet. That leaves 2 guys at the bottom. It could go either way. Neither guy picked a good song. Neither guy performed it very well. Their duet was not good. Danny’s got longevity on his side. He has been better longer and more often. Even though neither one stepped up tonight, Kris had the weaker performance and is in big trouble on results night.

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  1. I could have sworn Adam was lip syncing last night. There was one part near the beginning where his lips absolutely did not match what I heard.

    • I had AI DVRed and watched it a couple of times. I did not see anything that looked like lip syncing by Adam or any of the Idol contestants–they save that for the group performance on results night.

      • I know. American Idol contestants do not lip sync!

  2. I wish they analyzed public votes especially to the end of the show, not as to see bias or anything, but I believe a face of , its preferences, its generalized taste in musics could be seen. It might have been a very interesting information. Right now without knowing the distribution of votes too many factors come to mind.
    I liked your thoughts about idols and mostly agree with them. You shouldn’t understate yourself as you did a few times in your post ( “judging people much talented than me”), I’m impressed with how much you notice and how deeply you are affected with music. To feel deeply, to think deeply is a talent on its own, in my opinion. As you said bright personality often is much more attractive than skills a lot of times.

    ha! I had fun reading now (after all is done) your thought that Adam will not be popular with 35 and over…hahaha. He made them 14 yeas old girls again. I enjoy reading them feel so young and alive and exciting again.
    I wonder why you talk a bit too carefully about Allison Iraheta.
    I think she is an outrageous singer as well. In some aspects I even think her voice has a much richer, much more touching and individual nuances than Adam’s.
    Adam leads his voice whenever and whatever he wants, like a seasoned navigator, Allison has this natural sound which is impressive without polishing. Maybe I’m wrong. Just a thought actually which comes from worries about how Adam will be accepted without visuals. He is a phenomenon I agree. Talents need to be fondled in my opinion.
    I wish someone asked questions about how much of arrangements was Adam’s ideas in performing his songs. I know he participated or did his own lighting, costumes.
    Thanks for the writing your thought, I really enjoyed them, you are a wise and very intelligent man.

  3. Meant to say face of America will show up through analysis of votes.

  4. Paula Abdul finally been give the timmy tack, excellent.

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