American Idol Lip Sync? Part 8 Rat Pack Results Night

americanidol7Continuing with the Rat Pack theme, the 5 remaining American Idol hopefuls sang a medley of standards that included “I Got Rhythym” and “It Don’t Mean a Thing”.  Their choreography was pretty basic and their singing appeared to be live. Each Idol took a solo portion of the group song and appeared to do a fine job singing the songs live. There appeared to be no lip syncing going on tonight during the group performance.

All five contestants were called out on the stage. Two of them were placed on the left, two on the right, and Adam Lambert in the middle. Adam was asked which group he belonged with and he chose wrong. Danny Gokey and Allison Iraheta were safe. Adam joined Matt Giraud and Kris Allen in the bottom three. Judge Kara DioGaurdi’s jaw dropped and the trio was sent backstage while Natalie Cole sang “Something’s Gotta Give”. She did a fine job and exemplified her status as a consummate entertainer.

Season 5 American Idol Idol Taylor Hicks came out and performed his new song. He was at ease on the Idol stage and seemed to be having a great time performing for the live audience.

Kris was moved to safety, leaving the bottom 2 vote getters–Matt & Adam–to wait until after Jamie Foxx sang his #1 song to discover their fate. The song is a hit, but it did not translate well to a live performance.

matt-giraudAt the end of the night, Adam, was safe and Matt was sent home.  They are now down to 4 contestants. These are definitely the 4 best singers left in the competition. There has never been a better fianl 4 in any of the previous years of the competition. It is not obvious who will ultimately win the competition. Adam appeared to be the front runner with weekly accolades from the judges and the screaming of girls in the audience whenever he appeared. But ending up 2nd from the bottom after a stellar performance this week means that anything can still happen in the final 3 weeks of the competition. Every vote matters.

slashNext week ‘s theme is “Rock” with Slash from Guns ‘n Roses being the guest mentor. Adam and Allison should shine during this show with each having a natural edge towards rock music. But Kris has been improving every week and Danny is consistantly awesome. It will be interesting and should be the single best week of competition, ever.

When it gets down to just a few contestants, everyone has their fan base and can expect them to vote pretty much the same way next week regardless of how good or bad they actually are. What the Idols need to do is win over the fans of the person most recently voted off.  Assuming all of the singers do a good job next week, Matt’s fans will have the biggest impact on who goes home next, just like Anoop Desai’s and Lil Rounds’ fans did this week.

I’ll be watching on the big screen at the Munro House with my Red Coca-Cola cup in one hand and cell phone in the other, dialing for my favorite, until the battery dies.

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