Adam Lambert on American Idol Part 4 – Movie Week

adam-lambert-born-to-be-wildThis week’s American Idol had a movie theme.  The task was to take a song from a movie and make it current. I was surprised to see Adam Lambert perform early on this night. It had seemed like the producers always made him perform late in previous weeks–you know, save the best for last. But, this time he was the third performer.

Quentin Tarantino was the guest coach this week. He is not a singer by trade, so I thought this was an odd choice. Then I remembered that he had been a guest judge on a previous season. As a movie director, he had a lot to offer the contestants on the performance side of their song and he appears to be a fan of the show. So he was a good choice of people to give suggestions to the singers.

Adam went back to the 60’s and picked a song from the movie “Easy Rider”. The tune he picked was the Steppenwolf classic “Born to Be Wild”. The band was right on stage and dressed up for the evening in ties for the guys and gown for the girls. They looked a little odd playing this high energy song in formal wear. The drummer was literaly beating his skins and cymbals. What impressed me was that Adam sang over the music. As hot as the music was, the singing was the star attraction.

Adam started out slow, then energized the crowd with his stage movements and screaming–on pitch. To save time, only 2 judges got to make comments. Paula loved it. Simon didn’t care for his stage antics–he compared it to the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. The crowd went wild. ‘Nuff said.

Once again, Lil Rounds disappointed, so did Matt Giraud–wrong song, poor interpretation. Kris Allen picked a not-so-familiar song, but did it well–still could spell trouble. Anoop Desai crooned. Danny Gokey and Allison Iraheta should have no worries this week.

americanidol1Adam Lambert stood out, energized the crowd, and was en fuego! He is the reason to watch the show each week. There is anticipation for which direction Adam will take his choice of songs each week, not so much for any of the others. He is the one to beat.

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  1. i love Adam.

  2. OMG! I love Adam and this was one of my favorite performances ever.

  3. I love you adam!!!!!! i knew you were going to be in the finals!!!!!!! YOUR AWESOME AND HOTT and deserve to win!!!! i will be voting my butt off for you on TUESDAY nights finale!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ADAM LAMBERT!!!

  4. Hey yall it is me again!Can you believe Adam didn’t win I should have voted for him more often but my cell ran out of minutes before Idol came on.(that is what I get for talking 2 Richie so much.Stupid boyfriends!)

  5. OMG i love you.You were an amazing singer.You should have won…The votes were rigged..Any ways i voted for you every time…ILU Adam<33 😉

  6. OMG I LOVE ADAM….He should have won the vots were rigged…i voted for ya every time

  7. heyy whats up adma i hope you make a cd soon

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