American Idol Group Performance Lip Sync Part 4

americanidolAnother results night on American Idol, and the group performance has morphed again.  Parts 1 and 2 were obviously lip synched, part 3 was a pre-recorded video, and part 4 was something different… or was it? 

I was surprised to hear Ryan Seacrest say “we are live” and the group began to sing “Don’t Stop Believing”.  The Idols started as Ryan was leaving the stage and as the camera panned, the audience was visible.  So it wasn’t a music video, but were we back to lip sync? or were they live?  I wasn’t sure. 

I was impressed that the choreography was limited and the lips were in sync enough that it looked live–except Scott.  He had a solo at the piano and was not singing into the mic, but his voice was crystal clear.  After a replay, I think that the performance was a lip sync, but it was a sync to the first take, not a multiple track remix. So bravo to the Idols and the mixers in making it look closer to live than ever before.

David Cook was hot and live.  Lady Gaga was even hotter and live.  She looked and moved a lot like Dale Bosio of Missing Persons, ya think?

megan-joyMegan Joy said she didn’t care when asked about Simon’s negative comments given on performance night.  When it was revealed that she had the least numver of votes, Simon said because of that remark there was no chance for her to remain in the competition using the “Save” option.  There are 8 contestants left.. and 6 of them have a legitimate chance to win it all.

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  1. Yes I thought it was ridiculous that on a programme for up coming talent they had people mime ( that’s what we called it in my day).
    i don’t think tho, even if Megan hadn’t said that they would have saved her. I think she prove to be their mistake.

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