American Idol Group Performance Lip Sync? Part 2

americanidol1Results night on American Idol came last night.  11 contestants were reduced to 10.  But before the bottom 3 were announced, the eleven singers did another group song.  The lip syncing was not overtly blatant–they did a good job of hiding it.  There weren’t many solos and very few close up shots, so the producers did a good job of disguising their use of lip syncing.  The ones who didn’t know the words held the microphone in front of their mouths to cover up any mistakes.  The ones who did know the song kept the mic at a fair distance from their mouth and sang along with vigor to the piped-in recording.  They were plausibly live–much like the National Anthem singers at major sporting events.

The recording was probably done by the American Idol contestants in a studio and they were just singing along with themselves on live TV.  The harmonies were too good and the tones were mixed too perfectly.  I did enjoy the performance, but would have liked it better if not for the lip sync.

The guest performers were obviously live.  Brad Paisley, Randy Travis, and Carrie Underwood performed without enhanced vocals.  Carrie was by far the best singer of the night.  She is the total package.

We watched American Idol on Fox on the big screen at the Munro House in Jonesville, MI.  American IdolAt the end of the show, Alexis Grace was let go.  I like her a lot.  She’s sexy, jazzy, and a little rough around the edges.  She just wasn’t accepted by the voting public this week.  I think she outperformed at least 2 of the guys and one of the girls, but America did not agree.  She got another chance to sing the song, live, and hope that the judges would save her.  They did not.

Another slice of pop culture is the use of lip syncing as a crutch for otherwise good performers.  I hope the day comes when the contestants are good enough to know the words to popular songs.  Maybe if they eliminated the choreographed steps, the singers could concentrate on singing and be able to perform live.


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  1. You are so right! I could tell that they were lip syncing on the group songs. Very lame!

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