Adam Lambert on American Idol Part 1

americanidolI am hooked on American Idol and have been since its first season.  My early favorite this year is Adam Lambert. He’s the kinda chunky screamer with the weird black hair cut.  The guy can sing–and he can scream on pitch.  He has incredible stage presence, he is polished, and I am surprised that no one has signed him to some sort of a contract before the show started.  He’s that good.

adamlambert-36Last night was Grand Ole Opry night. The contestants had to choose country songs to sing. This night is historically the toughest night for pop singers, as they generally are not too familiar with country music. The good news is that the performances were better than they were last week on Michael Jackson night–there were no train wrecks. The bad news is that there were many good performances but no one shined white hot. I think a good singer could be voted out this week, and my guess is that the judges will not play their “save” card until later in the competition.

Randy Travis was this week’s celebrity coach. He didn’t know what to make of Adam Lambert, his clothes, his makeup, or his choice to sing a Johnny Cash song–Ring of Fire.  His weirdly unique rendition of the classic tune was a definite risk to try to appeal to mainstream pop culture.

To me it sounded like Nine Inch nails meets the Dalai Lama with a female lead singer.  The judges did not like it at all. I wasn’t sure about it.  I knew I didn’t hate it.  I thought he had good tone and sang on pitch, but was it good? I had to take a breath, rewind, and listen to it again.  As odd a concoction as it was, I wasn’t sure about it after the first listen.  When the judges started their critique, I was wondering if they were too shocked by the spacey song rendition to analyze the actual performance.  That is why I replayed it, paid attention to the melody, and the quality of his voice.  I liked everything about it the second time around–not a hit record in any country, but a sample of what he is capable of in the future.

I have a feeling that voters will either love him or hate him.  He has a strange look, but the guy can sing.  Unfortunately, I don’t see him having much appeal to the 14 and under crowd or the 35 and over  crowd–except for people like me, of course.  I think that those age groups cast a lot of votes.  He may do well in the competition, but it may be difficult for him to win it outright. I am 51 years old and got nothing but a busy signal on Adam’s Idol line for the first 10 minutes of voting–with 11 singers still in the competition, a busy signal is a good sign.  I finally got through and submitted double digit votes for the singer I want to see again.

I hope that somebody, anybody, gets fewer votes that Adam. He is the most unique Idol contestant this year. There is no doubt that he is a talented performer. Of all the contestants from every year, he is on the short list of the ones I would pay to see–along with Chris Daughtry and Carrie Underwood. The judges always talk about forgetable performances–this performance will be talked about for a long time. Adam Lambert has brought something unique to the table that the other contestants are going to have to compete against with traditional weapons.

We watched Idol on Fox with some of our peeps at the Munro House in Jonesville, Michigan.  There was a lot of interesting conversation about the contestants and the judges.  I think I was the only one who actually cast a vote, so I called in a bunch of them.


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  1. I am 59 and a country western fan, but I must say that Adam Lambert is the one contestant on Idol that I can’t wait to see each week. When he began “Ring of Fire” I wasn’t sure, but as the song went along it became fascinating to me. I have since replayed it many times and really like it. His voice is amazing and I cannot believe he does not have a recording contract. Who cares about the look, nails, hair….pay attention to the talent!!

  2. adam is the only man who is really a rock star. i mean look at his attitude and style dude

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