American Idol Group Performance Lip Sync? Part 1

The American Idol group performance on results night was too tight.  The notes were too crisp, the harmonies were right on, the volume was consistent, and I couldn’t hear them breathe–they were too good.  I am convinced that the group lip synced the Michael Jackson medley tonight.

I thought it was just my imagination, but my DVR tells me that somebody doesn’t trust that the Idol finalists can handle performing live in a group dynamic, so they are taking steps to avoid a major screw up on live TV.  They appear to have taped the lyrical portion of the song so the performers can concentrate on the dance portion of the performance.  Check out Michael Sarver’s solo at the end–he almost missed it.  Scott was moving his lips out of sync, but he wasn’t making any sound.  Most of the rest of the singers were just a smidgen off–and it was noticeable.

This is live TV, and I want to see the singers rise up to the pressure most of the time, and I want to see them screw up once in a while.  The group performance doesn’t matter as a part of the competition, so no one is being hurt by letting them sing–live. 

This could become a scandal too difficult to spin if they don’t nip it.  Didn’t they learn anything from Milli Vanilli?  I hope this is the last lip sync on Idol.  Who would pay to see the Idols on tour this summer if all we have to look forward to is more lip syncing?

Kanye West performed live…. and he was outstanding!

Kelly Clarkson was live… and she was hot.

I’m at home, just trying to keep at real at the Munro House.

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  1. Your 100% right. They have been doing it this entire season on all group songs.

  2. Yep, noticed it too this year. I can’t stand it. American Idol needs to get real or they are going to lose their audience!

  3. Same thing on the March 18th show. They are lip syncing and most are not good at it.

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