American Idol Coca Cola Judge’s Glasses

Back in the 1970’s, I worked for Pepsi Cola for almost 5 years.  I was a route salesman back in the days when 16 ounce returnable bottles was the packaging of choice.  The pop itself was very inexpensive, but there was a  bottle deposit of 10 cents each that was added on.  Our annual big sale event offered eight 16 ounce bottles (1 gallon) of Pepsi products for 89 cents at retail.  We sold a lot of pop.

pepsi-8pkDuring this era, I moved 300-400 cases per day.  I had to lift it off the truck, wheel it into the store, and stock the shelf.  With 24 bottles in a case, the total weight was about 60 pounds per case.  We could get 5 cases on a hand cart, so that was 300 pounds per load that we had to handle twice.  300 cases times 60 pounds times 2 handlings equals 18 TONS per day.  Needless to say, I had forearms like Popeye!popeye1

At one point, the constant lifting gave me back troubles.  At that time, our company doctor gave me muscle relaxers and pain pills and sent me back to work with a herniated disc to do some more heavy lifting!  My back was ruined and I left that job of heavy lifting with no compensation.

30 years of chiropractic care keeps me functioning.  But I’m blaming it all on my company doctor and am getting even, one twelve pack at a time, by purchasing Coke products.

mycokerewardsCoca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, and Dasani Water  are always in my refrigerator.  When the idea of offering points to loyal consumers came around, I started saving bottle caps and 12 pack codes from Coke products to earn enough points to get some cool stuff for free by going to

I save thousands of points each year and redeem them around the first of the year.  Mostly, I get magazine subscriptions.  We own the Munro House Bed and Breakfast in Jonesville, Michigan.  We like to offer current magazines as an amenity in our guest rooms.    Food Arts, Good Housekeeping, and House Beautiful are a few of the magazines that are a good fit for our business.  For variety, we also get Flying, Popular Mechanics, GQ, Fitness, and Cosmopolitan along with several others.  Our peeps seem to like them.

redcokeglassAs I was looking through the magazines, I noticed that they were offering those red Coca Cola glasses that the judges on American Idol use–a real piece of pop culture.  I had seen them last year, but by the time I saved up enough points, they were sold out and did not reappear.  So when American Idol returned this season, I saved back some points to purchase some of those cups from My Coke Rewards for when they became available again.  Note that one cup is 150 points, but you can get 4 for 425–a sweet deal.  Get them while they are still available.

My 4 red cups arrived today.  I saw the carton by the mailbox with a red and white return address label and knew immediately what was inside.  I excitedly ripped open the boxes and found four red plastic cups that gave me geat joy. 

americanidolThe next installment of American Idol is coming up on Tuesday.  My wife and I and (maybe) some of our guests will be sporting our own judges cups while we watch Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Kara DioGuardi, and Randy Jackson rate the performances.  We do not always agree with their comments, but as cruel as he seems, Simon is almost always right.



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  1. my family can not wait for america idoil to come on the man were wounderful last night feb 28

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