Yes, I watch American Idol on FOX

On weekdays, in the evening, I have a lot of down time at our bed and breakfast.  Our weekday clientele is mainly single business travelers.  Most of them work all day, go out to dinner, then check in.  Typical arrival time is between 8 and 10 p.m.  On any given night, my wife and I are confined to the house, waiting for our peeps to arrive.

idol-logoWe enjoy pop culture.  One of our favorite programs is American Idol.  We have the DVR set to record every episode.  That way, when our peeps arrive in the middle of the show, we can just press pause and come back to it later.

I was very disappointed this season when so many early favorites all appeared in the first round of 12 elimination.  There were 5 very good performances and under this year’s rules, only 3 could be chosen.  Despite almost 100 votes on my cell phone for “Anoop Dog” Desai, it was not enough to put him in the top 3 in that round. 

Subsequent elimination rounds had 2 good performances at best.  Adam Lambert is my early choice to win it all.  His rendition of the Rolling Stones “Satisfaction” was my favorite performance of the season, so far.  I was surprised that he was not the top male choice in round 2, but he did make the cut because he was the next highest vote getter.

Lil Rounds had the hands down top performance during round 3.  I thought the other 2 placements that week were up for grabs as Lil had the only outstanding song choice.

Then came Wild Card Night where the judges would give 8 of the 24 unchosen contestants one more chance at making the top 12.  Because 6 of the 9 chosen spots were occupied by guys, I thought for sure all 3 spots would go to girls in order to even out the competition by gender.

Tatiana got a second chance.  She has an outstanding voice, but the drama she carries with her is so-o-o-o-o heavy, annoying, and tiresome.  If she were to just shut up and sing, she would have made it on her vocal talent alone.  Her drama was way too distracting for the voting public to want to see her again.  I was surprised that she sang the same old song for the third time and didn’t do it as well as before.  I was thankful that she was not given a chance to sing it a fourth time.

When the final slots were filled and Anoop wasn’t among them, I wondered what the judges were thinking.  He may not have been the best singer, but he has a very likable personality.  If there’s one thing I know about music, it’s that a big personality combined with marginal talent will get you much farther commercially than marginal personality and superior talent.  When the judges decided to take it from the top 12 to the top 13 and made Anoop the final contestant, I once again had faith in the American Idol program.

I guess it really doesn’t matter who wins.  All, or most, of these 13 contestants who are willing to put in the time and effort will be heard from again.  My top 6 picks are Adam Lambert, Anoop Desai, Danny Gokey, Megan Joy, Alexis Grace, and Allison Iraheta.

Come to the Munro House  on any Tuesday or Wednesday (and an occassional Thursday) during the Spring and enjoy Idol of Fox with me.


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