Tales from the Panther in Jonesville MI – Amish Marijuana

As the proprietor of the Munro House B&Bin Jonesville, Michigan, we don’t get out much.  Most of our shopping and spare time is spent near the house, as guests could be arriving early or work may need to get done before our peeps arrive.  So it is very important to stay near the house most of the time.

There is a diner outside of Jonesville called the “Pink Panther”.  It used to have a big lit sign out front, but it was damaged back in the ’90’s and was never replaced.  All that is left is the part that says “EAT” along with a hand painted sign on the building that says “RESTAURANT’.  You either know it’s there or you don’t.  Most folks in Hillsdale County know it’s there and mainly frequent it as an after-hours eating place.  There are regular patrons who go there at traditional meal times.  Then there are the hard core regulars who go to “the Panther” all the time.  These are the folks who are seated at the “table of ten” also known as the “table of knowledge”.   

The table of ten is always set and always seems to have at least 2 people using their infinite wisdom to solve all of the world’s problems while enjoying a meal or just having a cup of coffee.  Many of the elders are retired, some are farmers, and some are part of an infinite network that includes folks who enjoy playing BINGO at the local hall.  My wife, Lori, started out as a BINGO player and was introduced to the table of knowledge.  Now, she tries to get there for a little while every day.  Many local, state, national, and international rumors are started or confirmed here.  Lori goes there to gab about anything and everything.  Needless to say, this table is filled with colorful characters with interesting stories to tell. One of the recent tales is about Ron & Jacob.

Ron is an older, semi retired farmer.  He has some land in the area and has an older semi retired Amish man helping him out.  Jacob and Ron were talking one day when Jacob just came out and said, “you know, I’ve never smoked any marijuana.”  Taking it in stride, Ron said, “You know what? Me neither.  But I’m sure my nephew has, and I think he could get us some.” 

An arrangement was made, the pot was delivered, and 2 old farmers smoked weed and got high one morning behind the barn. 

Not much was said until the next day, when Jacob’s wife, Mary, arrived with him.  Mary cornered Ron, pointed her finger in his face, and authoritatively said “I don’t know what you did to my husband yesterday, but it better not happen again.’  Then, pounding her fist on the table, she declared “We do not get frisky in the middle of the day!

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