HamFest – Michigan Bed and Breakfast Guests

We woke up this morning to find a note that 2 of our guests staying at the Munro House B&B in Jonesville, MI, would not require breakfast.  When they got back this evening they told us they had to get to Livonia by 8:00 a.m. for something called HAMfest.  They described it as a traveling rummage sale for guys that is held regularly around the state.  In addition to stuff for HAM radio operators, they also buy and sell new and used computer equipment.  My peeps were there for the computer stuff–monitors, USB cables, wireless keyboards, etc.  They described it as wheeling and dealing to get the best prices possible and chatting with interesting like-minded people from all over.  They made some excellent negotiations on items they wanted and had an all around good time.

The rest of our peeps stayed local for the Valentine’s day weekend and enjoyed a winter getaway that was not too far from home.  They enjoyed a variety of activities including our onsite massages,  local restaurants, movie theater, antique stores, and the comedy club at Savarino’s Next Door.  It’s always nice to be out and about and run into people you know.  Several of our guests ran into each other while out on the town and felt at home in Jonesville.

Just when we thought we’ve met the nicest people at our bed and breakfast, some new ones check-in that are even nicer.

Life is good in Jonesville.


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