Corporate Rates in Jonesville/Hillsdale Michigan

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Weekdays tend to be slower than weekends in the Bed and Breakfast industry. To round it out, we offer a significantly discounted corporate rate to single people traveling on business to Jonesville, Hillsdale, Litchfield, Michigan, and the surrounding area. There are always businesses that have visitors coming to the area. They include engineers, programmers, salesmen, guest speakers, entertainers, corporate executives, and potential new hires. Some choose to travel an extra half hour to go to Jackson or Coldwater to stay at a Hampton, Holiday Inn, or another chain hotel. We have still acquired a good clientele of regular business travelers.

With cutting costs, plus saving time and energy on everybody’s mind, a small town bed and breakfast is a great lodging alternative that provides significant overall cost savings. Face it, if you go to your point-earning hotels in those other cities, it is going to cost an hour of time (a half hour in, and a half hour back), plus 2-5 gallons of gas, not to mention having to get up earlier to make a morning appointment. There are only so many hours in a day, so when it comes to lodging for business, its all about location, location, location because we all know that time is money.

On weekdays at the Munro House in Jonesville, we offer up to 50% off our regular rates (normally $169-$199) to single business travelers. All of our rooms have a queen size bed, private bath, hair drier, work station, and cable TV, plus free wireless internet, free parking, free soft drinks, free cookies, free snacks, free movies, and a free breakfast. There are 10 restaurants within a mile. There is a library, post office, ATM, and coffee shop within 2 blocks.

Many of our weekday guests are regulars. Some are here almost every week, some come monthly, quarterly, or annually. Each of them makes an impression on us and we try to hook them up in their favorite room or give them a free upgrade to our deluxe rooms. We have been known to accommodate their special dietary needs, to shop for their favorite fruits, or to pack breakfast to go when they have to leave super early. I used to travel for a living. I told my wife that if I had found a place like this to stay at, I’d still be traveling. The comforts of home, a friendly face, and a nice conversation are all part of a good travel experience.

We have had guests from all 50 states–many of them on business or to visit Hillsdale College. We have also had guests from over 60 foreign countries–most of them were traveling on business. We take the time to take care of our guests, especially the foreigners who may not have a command of our language. Some of our guests like to sit around and chat after a long day, some want to pop a cold one and veg out watching TV, and some want to go to their room and work. We will give you your space or give you some company if you need it.

There is also a need for long term accommodations in the area for executives or project manages. We have special rates for guests who need 5-30 consecutive nights.

Life is good in Jonesville.


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