Winter Getaway Package

Munro House B&B in Snow

Munro House B&B in Snow

This past weekend, we had 3 couples take advantage of our winter weekend getaway package in Michigan.  It includes 2 dinners, 1 lunch, 2 one hour massages, 2 movie passes, plus 2 nights bed and breakfast.  We make all the reservations and our guests just have to come to Jonesville and follow the itinerary.

All went to Savarino’s Italian Restaurant on Friday night where we gave them a $50 gift certificate towards dinner.  All reported having a good time, a great meal, and had enough money to also get a bottle of wine with dinner, or leave a nice tip.  Restaurants in Hillsdale County have reasonable prices with consistantly very good food and service.

I made breakfast on Saturday morning, and everyone chose the egg option.  I made fried eggs, scrambled eggs, and bacon & cheese omelets along with fresh cut fruit, orange juice, and coffee.

All 3 couples had one hour massages following breakfast.  I brought in 2 massuesses.  We started at 10:00 and were finished about 1:30.   Our first timers enjoyed their time on the table as much as the veterans.  Julie and Patricia are 2 of my 4 ace massage therapists.  We received outstanding comments on their services, knowledge, and health tips.

All of our peeps went to the Saucy Dog for lunch and they all ended up seeing the same movie “Gran Torino” later on.  Some saw a matinee and one went to the late show.

They also went to the Chicago Water Grill for dinner.  Another $50 gift card was sufficient for a great meal in Jonesville, except for the couple that ordered the surf and turf–they had to kick in a few dollars of their own cash.

I upped the omelet ingredients for the Sunday morning breakfast, as it was apparent that we had “ham and eggers” in the house.  I made mostly omelets with lots of veggies along with our regular side dishes.  We actually went an entire weekend with everyone choosing the egg option.  I was a little disappointed that nobody chose “Lori’s Secret Recipe Belgian Waffles”, but that left more batter for me to enjoy later.

Breakfast conversation started around the movie everyone saw, progressed to the restaurants they all enjoyed, the quality of the massages, and moved on to personal stories.  The breakfast table finally emptied right about check out time at 11:00.  My peeps were having a good time enjoying our hospitality and their own company.

It never fails, every weekend we think we have just met the nicest people in the world, then a new crew comes in and they are even nicer.  It is the thing that Lori and I reflect on the most.  We enjoy the company of our guests.  We never tire of telling the same old stories about our business and the history of our great old house.  We like having people in our house and we spend as much (or as little) time with them as they require.

Life is good in Jonesville.

Mike Venturini


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